Thursday, 16 August 2018

EU project in Novopolotsk, Belarus

Within the framework of the program "Enhanced strategic interaction with civil society and local authorities in Belarus", our city Novopolotsk has acted as an applicant for the implementation of the EU External Assistance Project NEAR-TS / 2015 / 371-814. The project is called "Novopolotsk : from an inclusive school to an inclusive city" and is financed by EU and partly by local authorities. The project creates the conditions necessary for the active inclusion of children and young people with disabilities into the educational process and the disclosure of their creativity. This project also aims to form an inclusive space throughout the city.                                                                                      The project started in 2016 and several directions are being realized, including the development of infrastructure. Installation and construction work is being carried out to install the elevator in the secondary school # 8 in Novopolotsk. The necessary equipment has been purchased in order to start a distance education class at the school #8. So with the help of modern technologies, children with disabilities are  able to interactively attend the lesson, physically being at home. After reconstruction in the Palace of Children and Youth in 2018, children with disabilities have the opportunity to realize their creative ideas there. In addition, the partner of the project NGO "BST" has developed for Novopolotsk the concept of urban mobility. The project lasts till the year 2019 and will definitely change young and developing city of Vitebsk region.         

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

IDT 2017 Brücken gestalten – mit Deutsch verbinden!

Am 31. Juli – 4. August 2017 fand in der bildhubschen  schweizerischen Stadt Freiburg die XVI. Internationale Tagung der Deutschlehrinnen und Deutschlehrer unter dem Motto „Brücken gestalten – mit Deutsch verbinden: Menschen – Lebendwelten – Kulturen“ statt. Dieses Event findet alle 4 jahre wie Internationale Olympische Spiele statt. Das war fur mich schon die zweite Moglichkeit, solche Tagung zu besuchen. Dank dem Stipendium von Deutsche Auslandsgesellschaft e. V. und personlich Herrn Martin Herold war meine  Teilnahme an der Tagung moglich.
Das Event  gilt  weltweit als das größte Deutschlehrer- und Deutschlehrerinnenforum. Auch in diesem Jahr beteiligten sich über 1700 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer an dem internationalen Dialog über den Stand, Probleme und Herausforderungen, die vor DAF/ DAZ heutzutage stehen und in der nächsten Perspektive stehen werden.Über die Tendenzen von DAF/DAZ im schulischen Bereich  wahrend der Sektionsvortragen anzuhoren und  Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus aller Ecken der welt kennenzulernen. Reichhaltiges Fach- und Kulturprogramm, renommierte Vortragende, kreative und innovative Ideen für den DaF/DAZ-Unterricht, interessante und bereichernde Diskussionen, Präsentationen der neusten Lehr- und Lernmaterialien und vieles-vieles mehr – genau damit lässt sich die IDT-2017 verbinden.Mit dem Ziel die Rolle der deutschen Sprache in der Welt zu stärken und ihre Entwicklung zu unterstützen, wurde von den Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern der IDT-2017 in Fribourg in einer Abstimmung die Resolution verabschiedet, und nachtes Mal bei der Tagung  in Wien mit neuen Ideen  gewartet.Neue Informationen, didaktische Techniken und auch Methoden habe ich schon an meinem Gymnasium in Novopolotsk wahrend Regionalseminars prasentiert. Bald wird auch mein Bericht fur  weissrussischer Zeitschrift “Sameschnija Movi “ fertig

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Oscar Party

My students seem to be movie and TV fanatics, they are very interested in doing some activities surrounding the Oscars, the Cannes, or any of the other numerous awards shows out there nowadays. In order to use that fact in building up the motivation I try to organize lessons on current shows or utilize the internet to locate archives of particular years, stars, or movies. Moreover I highly recommend to excite students by allowing them to plan, for example, an Oscar viewing party in which you choose the three awards the class would like to see and watch them being presented. This week we organized our own Oscar party after a set of sketches. Before the party, I would advise to let students answer set comprehension questions, describe their favorite moments or lines, or even do imitations of some of the acceptance speeches. Believe me its real fun! Such listening exercises coupled with lead-in reading and speaking activities provide a whole language experience.
5 A Gymnasium #1 Novopolotsk

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sketch in ESL lesson

Alexey Dyatlov and German Alexandrov

One variety of the game in the theatrical pedagogy is a sketch. This lesson gives your students food for thought and does not end with a call - the children discuss it for a long time, expressing their opinions and exchanging ideas. In the next lesson, it is advisable to bring this discussion to its logical conclusion, allowing the game-evaluation of each of the characters. By the way, sometimes the discussion is no less interesting than the lesson. This is not just entertainment, and a particularly effective way of understanding complex language phenomena.Possession of such technology as sketch allows the teacher to build the action of a school lesson. Sketch in ESL lesson has to my mind more advantages than just a play. Firstly there is no preparatory work (only the script and costumes) secondly re-enactment takes place directly in the classroom for 5-10 minutes. Moreover the material is usually known to all students so could be taken from anecdotes or fairy tales.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

When I have asked my colleagues what differs a good class from just an OK one they answered: “modern technologies” and “media”. However, when I asked my students, from Elementary to Advance the same question I heard “energy”, “dynamic”, “speaking using what we are learning”, “speaking a lot”, “helping each other because we understand our mistakes more than the teacher does”. Do you see the difference?
Dear ESL teachers, I would like to suggest that drama is something which can be included in language teaching to help make classes the dynamic, energetic, harmonious, principled, speaking-focused experiences which students feel are effective. Drama not only encourages ESL beginners to communicate at the “pre-production” stage of language acquisition, it is also an encouraging way to involve any student. Drama offers opportunities to act out real-life situation, draws on cultural differences based on various gestures and body language familiar to native English speakers.
Acting out a story transcends language barriers. It can be used to encourage students to get an authentic “feel” for the weight of the words they are learning. It is also great for the many students who prefer physical engagement in their learning and young learners.
Here are great resources I use to build up my drama-centred lessons: (registration is free)

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Live webcam services in your English classroom

Here are webcam sites I often use with my students. A webcam site is a website with a live camera focused on a particular location or scene. The video or stills from this camera are then conveyed over the Internet and accessed through the site. So depending on the lesson’s topic including animals (zoo live cameras are extremely interesting, strongly recommend) cities and space stations view which leave you breathless!!
Note that none of these sites is specifically educational. You’ll need to pick and choose on sites with multiple webcam links. Most major cities have webcams showing a city view or traffic. Try one of the single sites as an introduction, then move on to the "gateway sites" to choose your own sequence. Remember the time difference too!! We like to stream Broadway and Statue of Liberty but, unfortunately a picture is frequently too dark to see anything.
My favorite online service is which has a live camera view of most of the major cities in the world.  It allows you to give students that true visual of what a place is like with real time views and to increase the motivation the interest in learning English. Good luck and please wave me in Abby Road London street cam!!
Live cameras at African game reserves.
ANTARCTICA LIVE                        

Friday, 9 May 2014

So right now I’ve finished my second course from University of Oregon. This was the first of two teacher training courses based on the internationally-recognized Shaping the Way We Teach English videos and resources and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and the University of Oregon. I have learned effective approaches to English language teaching in an absolutely new form of video lessons. Our attentive teachers Deborah Healey, Jeff Magoto and Elizabeth Hanson-Smith helped me become a better teacher!
During this five-week course I’ve explored important aspects of teaching English as a second or foreign language. This was a collaborative course, where I’ve enhanced my English language teaching expertise by sharing ideas with others. The basis of this discussion was a short video and reading each week. 
Dear ESL teachers from all over the world, I strongly recommend you to take part in this incredible development course. As you watch and read and discuss, you’ll build your creativity and flexibility as a teacher. The videos, readings, and discussion will give you plenty of food for thought.